"I love the untapped rawness you emanate through your art form. It is both beautiful and rare (especially in this day and age). "

"You're such a great singer and artist! Jesse, you're a beacon of light shining through this generation's dull music scene!♥"

"Oh my god you're just what I've been looking for...
Keep it up man"

"Some really good stuff kid...you've got an old-school feel for rock that is a breath of fresh air in this era of "Betty Crocker" bands that all sound the same and seem to have lost the "recipe" for "guitar solo"...it's nice to hear it back in the "mixing bowl" where it belongs!"

."We Need Singers Like You To Keep Rock And Roll Alive:D It's Way Rad To See A Younger Guy So Into Classic Rock(: "
~Stay Golden.


"Great work man we need more like you to keep the rock n roll spirit going"

-"I could listen to you forever;love that you showcase your true melodic voice on these beautiful songs...I hope you are taking good care of it! You are as hauntingly beautiful as Jim,John and Jimi"

Long Island Press- "Lead singer Jesse is an artist that's a combination of Foo Fighters with a Layne Staley-esque voice"- 2009

August 2010-Jesse finished in the top 50 in the Jimi Hendrix CD contest competing with over 6500 entries from around the world with his version of "All Along The Watchtower". The results were based on guitar playing, performance in the spirit of Jimi Hendrix  

"Jesse is a very talented singer and songwriter who had the cool job of playing the lead role in "Two Tickets To Paradise-The Musical" We featured Jesse's original song"Cutter (Sinning the Skin)" and it got great response." ..  "Fingers" Radio DJ and TV Personality- WBAB

Fox5 TV Good Day NY- "Young Jesse Kinch is amazing. I wish him all the luck in the world!" Roseanna Scotto (news anchor and host) June 2009

"Two Tickets To Paradise" Review- NEWSDAY 7/2009 REVIEW BY STEVE PARKER 6/09 "Lead role remarkably played by 15-year-old Jesse Kinch, an Island Trees High School freshman, who could be a future rock star!"

New York Times- "Jesse says, my passion is writing,recording and performing rock music. Jesse was recommended for the lead role in Two Tickets To Paradise by his high school music director and starred in the musical this past summer " Aileen Jacobsen May 2009

Free Press- "The 8 day run at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center resulted in a string of sold out shows and high accolades for 15 year old Jesse Kinch displaying major star quality in his performance" June 2009

REVIEWS AND QUOTES ABOUT "Timeless Rider" -Jesse Kinch Original                    

"I am a sixties survivor and rock music virtually stopped dead for me around 1972. But once in a decade, I hear something special that pulls me out from my burrow with the same excitement and energy I felt in the sixties. I have just had that experience with an extraordinary song called "Timeless Rider". "Timeless Rider"  is a richly provocative and disturbing song, opaque, ambiguous, in touch with hidden terrors. It is irrelevant to say the composer and performer is only 13, for Jesse Kinch disdains the path of the cute kid who wows the judges at the talent show. He has decided to enter the rock world on his own terms. "Timeless Rider" is a piece of rock poetry. In my imagination, I can hear it being performed by the Doors, but it does beg the question...if he can produce and perform a song like this at age 13,what more is to follow in the years to come?                                                                                                                REVIEWED BY: Richard Heller/London,England ...Richard Heller is a British author and journalist who has been a columnist on The Mail On Sunday and Times.He is a Master of the Arts at Oxford University.                                                          

"Timeless Rider" is a song that defies logic especially coming from a 13 year old. The guitar solo in "Timeless Rider" is a powerful, moving, and breathtaking release that resolves this song with it's dark theme into a song of great hope and promise. It brings to mind the power and intensity of the legendary band, Pink Floyd. This boy has an old soul." -FM/Los Angeles, California

"A voice raw and plangent, emotional and powerful, sometimes echoing to deliver a bleak verse about a dying, dystopic world... "Timeless Rider" reviewed by Richard Heller/London, England

"Timeless Rider"- a song that will "floor" the listener, a song with such a dark theme that suddenly turns into a song of hope, illuminated by a haunting guitar solo over the last minutes of the song. A ROCK EPIC- a powerful composition. "Timeless Rider" will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Jesse showcases a voice so haunting and pure that it is sometimes hard to comprehend that it is given to us from one so young.


PERPETUAL TOXINS MAGAZINE-12/2006 SHOW REVIEW BY MIKE CHETTA-"Next, there was a great set by 12 year old Jesse KInch. With some amazing keyboard playing by his brother Rick, fantastic bass work by Randy Coven, and hard-hitting drumming by John Macaluso, this set was the ultimate crowd pleaser. Do not be surprised if you hear big things from Jesse and his band in years to come. Watch out for Jesse Kinch"

"Also on the show is Long Island kid virtuoso Jesse Kinch, who at just 12 years old could make many accomplished veteran guitarists go back to the drawing board with his already razor sharp chops" .. Rick Eberle L.I. Press Release for Ryan Star Show 11/10/2006


Good Times Magazine- Glyn Emmerson (NY Rocks)

On a Saturday night in early November, young Jesse Kinch stepped onto the stage of one of New York City's premiere clubs, where he was booked with the backing of the Warner Music Corporation. In attendance were personell from Warner Music Group who came to sample the licks of this young guitar prodigy. The 11 year old Kinch, rocked the Session 73 club leaving the crowd of Saturday night partygoers in awe. The pint-sized rocker from Long Island, whipped through a total of 25 songs in almost 45 minutes. Most of the tunes were snippets of solos and rhythms put together like a giant jigsaw puzzle on the history of rock. After opening with "No One Knows", from Queens of the StoneAge, Kinch proceeded to shred through a medley of Rage Against the Machine songs with Vincent Crici on drums, Greg Werner on bass, and his brother Ricky on keyboards. A medley took on classic rock as it interwove pieces from Emerson, Lake and Palmer, the Beatles, Lynrd Skynrd, and the Doobie Brothers, and ended with a blast of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven". ELP's Peter Gunn theme jump-started the second half of the mini-set with Jesse and the band morphing it into a uniquely guitar-centric number. The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" took things back to the 21st Century, as Jesse ripped through it on his red and white Dean guitar, showcasing his prowess on slide. A second rock medley had the twentysomething crowd hoisting beers to Jesse's homage to 1980's hair metal featuring ACDC's "Hell's Bells", Hendrix's "Purple Haze", Van Halen's "Eruption" and Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" as Jesse's fingers attacked the fretboard on his white Fender Stratocaster. Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode" ended the night's lesson on how to rock, as Jesse, on his knees, pulled out one last riff from the School of Rock handbook, ending the evening as the crowd clamored for more, with drinks held high in a communal toast to a great performance.


Aural Fix- Mike Ferrari

" Young guitar prodigy Jesse Kinch made his return, this year also singing while playing guitar. Although young ( at age 11) he has already developed the rock star superstar attitude"


Long Island Music Review

10 year old Jesse Kinch, competing against guitar players 2 to 4 times his age, placed second in the third annual Sam Ash Guitar Competition at the Downtown rock club in Farmingdale, N.Y. on August 20, 2004. Most impressed with Jesse's performance was master guitarist and performer, Rob Balducci. Balducci explained that Jesse gave the most diverse and inspiring performance as he whipped the Downtown crowd into a screaming frenzy. Host Rick Eberle told the audience that Balducci was so "blown away" with the performance that he would personally offer Jesse 4 free master guitar lessons. Using a white Hendrix American Stratocaster, Jesse played a medley of classic rock songs, which included Hendrix, ACDC, Van Halen, Guns and Roses, White Stripes and Black Sabbath. Jesse has performed at several rock clubs on Long Island.